#12807 | 2018-12-21 Helsinki, Finland

Agile Coach with DevOps experience (M/W)

For a financial client we are looking for an Agile Coach with a technical profile to assist with the Agile transformation in an Infrastructure environment.

The main tasks will be to:
  • Facilitate adoption of and improvements in the Agile-DevOps way of working within Agile teams and hubs
  • Introduce Agile-DevOps way of working and rituals to Agile teams and hubs (e.g., through boot camps, workshops, trainings and 1-on-1 coaching)
  • Support the setup of rituals and tools for Agile teams
  • Continuously assess the maturity of Agile teams along a standard Agile-DevOps maturity model, in order to close critical gaps and drive continuous improvement
  • Produce and maintain training and workshop materials, and document best practices for GT
  • Support Agile teams in achieving their mission
  • Ensure key roles are familiar with their responsibilities and most important concepts – e.g. servant leadership for hub leads (PMs, RTEs, etc.), DoD and DoR for Product Owners
  • Help Agile teams refine their mission and translate it into implementable epics and user stories
  • Support the definition of specific roles, responsibilities and deliverables within Agile teams
  • Drive broad collaboration and alignment between Agile teams and their stakeholders
  • Facilitate close alignment and ensure regular touchpoints across Agile teams (e.g., PO alignment, PI planning) while coaching POs and team members playing Scrum Master role to take over such facilitation tasks

The competencies we are looking for are:
  • Deep knowledge in DevOps, Agile and Lean methodologies
  • Mastery of the Scrum and Kanban methodologies (e.g. backlog management, and spring planning, review, story-pointing)
  • Successful track record of delivering/supporting tech projects using Agile methodologies
  • Expertise in Lean practices (e.g., waste identification, value-stream mapping, visual management)
  • Expertise in DevOps way of working (e.g., continuous delivery, automation, cross-functional team set-ups, development of cross-skilled Agile team members)
  • Creative problem solving and ability to remove impediments in non-obvious ways
  • Experience with working in high-performing Agile or DevOps teams
  • High level knowledge across stack, technologies and ecosystems
  • High level knowledge of coding or scripting languages and automation tooling
  • Some Experience preferred in coding or scripting tools like C++, Python or Bash
  • Knowledge of virtualization environments and tools e.g., VMware, CloudForms
  • Knowledge of system configuration and automation tools like Puppet, Chef or Ansible, Jenkins

Start: 2nd of January 2019
Duration: 31st of December 2019
Work location: Helsinki, Finland
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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