#9515 | 2017-09-27 Helsingborg, Sweden

Release / Launch Architecture (M/W)

We're on behalf of a client out to locate a consultant do to the following:

  • Define and describe the required release and launch events and provide the technical leadership to the release management team in order to (1) deploy the end-to-end solution release into production, (2) launch the new or enhanced capabilities in existing markets, and (3) launch the solution release in new markets.

  • Identify the solution transition stages how the end-to-end solution release and all its included solution components are deployed into Production, and how solution capabilities are enabled/disabled and configured for existing markets.

  • Identify the solution transition stages for launch the end-to-end solution release in new markets, i.e. what solution components and entities are required to be deployed and transitioned in what sequence.

Start: 2-10-17
Duration: 12 Months
Work location: Helsingborg
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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